81st Annual Meeting
of the Meteoritical Society
July 22-27, 2018 | Moscow | Russia

Cultural program in Moscow

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Cancellation and refund policy:

1)  The deadline for applications, payments and cancellation of the social program:
June 15, 2018

  • Tickets to the Bolshoi Theater
  • Moscow Kremlin

July 15, 2018

  • Bus Tour Around Moscow 
  • City Tour at Night 
  • Tsaritsino Museum and Reserve
  • Tour of the historic center on the ship
  • The Moscow Metro
  • Tretyakov Gallery

2)  Cancellation before 15.07.2018 – no penalty, after 15.07.2018 – 100% penalty.

3)  The stated prices for the excursions are valid for the groups of 15 and more participants. The cost of the excursions can be changed in case the group will be less than 15 participants. 

All the refunds are processed after the Congress with a minus 10% of bank charges and overheads.

City Tour at Night 

City Tour at NightDate and time: July’ 27

Start: at 20:00

Duration: 4 hours (including the time of departure from the venue of the Congress and before the end of the tour)

Price:  1000 RUB / 18 USD / 14 EUR

Includes a local guide and transfers.

See the bright lights of Moscow at night with this guided evening tour. You will be taken along the vibrant lit streets with several photo opportunities along the way. Experience the night-time atmosphere in the historic city centre and see the beautiful architecture from the famous Sparrow Hills, offering astonishing panoramic views.

You’ll be able to see Moscow’s night life with bars, clubs and restaurants. You won’t miss out on the famous sites either with haunting views of Red Square as well as the architecture of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the Peter the Great Monument.

Finally, experience the gorgeous moonlit view of the Sophia embankment on this exciting night-time tour of the city. See more of what Moscow has to offer by seeing its buildings come to life at night.


Moscow City Tour 

Moscow City TourDate and time: July’ 25

Start: at 10:00

Duration:  4 hours (including the time of departure from the venue of the Congress and before the end of the tour)

Price: 880 RUB / 16 USD / 13 EUR

Includes a local guide and transfers.

Visit the beautiful sites of Moscow with this fully guided tour of the city. You’ll see the most famous sites as well as the most historic foundations.

Make your way around Red Square with scenes of glorious architecture with St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Lenin Mausoleum and State Historical Museum.

Then continue along the peaceful Moska River embankment as you take in the breath-taking views of the Kremlin before you reach the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, New Maiden’s Convent and Moscow State University.

The tour doesn’t stop there as you get taken to Sparrow Hills’ observation spot to see Moscow at its finest with a spectacular panoramic view. Travel on through the Memorial Complex at Poklonnaya Hill and Victory Park, Triumphal Arch, Kutuzov Avenue, New Arbat, Boulevard Ring, Pushkin Square, Tverskaya Street before finishing this grand tour at Manezhnaya Square.

Full of sights and culture, this tour is the perfect way to see all the wonders of the city of Moscow.


Kremlin, the Cathedrals & the Armory Museum 

Kremlin, the Cathedrals & the Armory MuseumDate and time: July’ 24 at 10:00

July’ 25 at 10:00

Duration: 4 hours max (including the time of departure from the venue of the Congress and before the end of the tour)

Price: 2100 RUB / 37 USD / 30 EUR

Includes a local guide and transfers, entrance tickets to the Kremlin, the Armory, the Cathedral

Stroll around the territory of the Kremlin and appreciate its fantastic sights such as the Assumption Cathedral which held the ceremonies of Tsars and Emperors as well as the symbolic Ivan the Great Bell Tower. You’ll walk past the famous Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon before visiting the world famous museum treasury which holds a collection of ancient state insignia, gold and silver utensils, religious robes, weapons, luxury carriages as well as all the attire of famous Tsars from over the years.

Occupying a beautifully old building from the middle of the 19th Century, this treasury offers you a glimpse of the glories and heroism of Russia’s past, whilst you can leisurely appreciate the sights on foot. 


Boat Trip on Moscow River by historical center 

Boat Trip on Moscow River by historical centerDate and time: July’ 24 at 15:00

July’ 25 at 11:00

Duration: 3 hours (including the time of departure from the venue of the Congress and before the end of the tour)

Price: 1880 RUB / 33 USD / 27 EUR

Includes a local guide, transfers and tickets.

This excursion is perfect to see the incredible sights of Moscow.

Sail down the ancient transport route of the Moskva River and get away from the streets of the city.

You’ll see all of the sights, whilst experiencing the beautiful currents of the river beneath you. From the ship’s deck you’ll be able to spot the Kremlin, The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the Monument to Peter the Great, House of Artist, Moscow State University and the New Maiden Convent. You won’t miss anything on this fantastic river cruise in the sparkling Russian sunshine.


Moscow Metro and Arbat Street (no transport) 

Moscow Metro and Arbat Street (no transport)Date and time: July’ 26

Start: at 15:00

Duration: 4 hours (including the time of departure from the venue of the Congress and before the end of the tour)

Price: 800 RUB / 14 USD / 11 EUR

Includes a local guide, transfers and tickets.

The Moscow Metro is one of the largest in the world, spanning over 185 miles in length. It is also one of the most historic and artistic opening in 1935 and covered with socialist realist art.

Not only ride this fantastic underground experience but stroll along the Arbat, Moscow’s most charming and lively street. As the old bohemian quarter, it is crammed full with cafes and vibrant artistic stalls and independent shops selling traditional gifts, canvases and trinkets with street performers dotted along the busy street.

There are all sorts of foods and snacks to try along the way in the many different restaurants, including French and Lebanese food and a genuine 1950s American Diner. Documented as far back a 1493 in the city’s chronicles, it is a prominent part of Russian history. It was this year that the Arbat held the start of the horrendous fire that ruined the city, said to have been sparked by a candle in the Church of St. Nicholas in Peski. Don’t miss out on the authentic culture and history of such a vibrant, exciting street at the heart of Russian life. 


Tretyakov Gallery 

Tretyakov GalleryDate and time: July’ 26

Start: at 10:00

Duration: 3 hours (including the time of departure from the venue of the Congress and before the end of the tour)

Price: 2200 RUB / 39 USD / 31 EUR

Includes a local guide, transfers and tickets

Founded by the Russian merchant and patron Pavel Tretyakov in 1856, this State Gallery has a unique collection of Russian Art spanning over a thousand years.

The Gallery, donated to the state in 1892, now contains over 170,000 works of art from early religious paintings to even the most modern.

Full of Russian masterpieces, you’ll get a huge range of culture, history and beauty in these amazing paintings in one of the largest museums in Russia. 



TsaritsynoDate and time: July’ 27

Start: at 16:00

Duration: 3 hours (including the time of departure from the venue of the Congress and before the end of the tour)

Price: 2700 RUB / 48 USD / 38 EUR

Includes a local guide, transfers and tickets

Tsaritsyno is a beautiful park and estate from the late 16th Century when it belonged to Tsarino Irina and used to be called Bogorodskoye before becoming Tsaritsyno in 1775 when Catherine the Great bought the estate. In 1984, they built the history and architecture museum and now there is also a gorgeous park and an enchanting forest as well as an art museum, the Biryulyovo Dendropark and a cascade of Tsaritsino ponds. The estate also holds the incredible Opera House of Bazhenov, built in the 18th Century in pseudo-gothic style and is the only architectural ensemble of its kind in the whole country. The palace is also surrounded by pavilions, pergolas, harbours, grottos and decorative bridges as well as a temple and a modern recreation centre with its own delicious restaurant. The buildings are full of culture, used for folk art and even musical concerts. The grounds even hold the burial mounds of the early Slavs tribe Vyatichs, which date back to the 11th Century.

This estate is full of deep Russian culture and history and is a perfect place to immerse yourself to get the bursting experience of Russian heritage. 


The Pharaoh's Daughter

Bolshoi Theatre

Ballet in 3 actions
21 July, 12.00 – Historical Stage
21 July, 19.00 – Historical Stage
21 July, 14.00 – Historical Stage

Ticket price: 10 000 RUR

Lord Wilson, aka Taor
John Bull, his servant, aka Passifont
Mummy-Aspicia, Pharoah’s daughter
Pyramid guard
Nubian king
Lion, monkeys; court nobility, servants, prisoners, merchants, Armenians, Arabs, mummies, warriors, priests, fishermen, shepherds, undines, spirits of rivers and brooks and others – the total of around 400 characters

A young Englishman, Lord Wilson is travelling around Egypt with his servant, John Bull. On their way they meet Arabian merchants. Getting caught in a sandstorm together they find shelter in a pyramid. There in the tomb lies the mummy of the daughter of a powerful pharaoh Aspicia. People in the pyramid start smoking their pipes and the smoke embraces them and brings them miraculous visions… Everybody changes: Lord Wilson transforms into a young handsome Egyptian called Taor. His servant also becomes an Egyptian Passifont. The walls open and the mummies walk out of their tombs. Among them the beautiful Aspicia surrounded by her servants. Taor and Aspicia look at each other and their hearts open up for love. But lots of obstacles appear on the way of the two people in love. A lion attacks Aspacia, but Taor saves her. Aspicia in her turn saves Taor from the wrath of the Pharoah. The Pharoah decides to give his daughter as a bride to the Nubian king and the lovers run away. But bad luck follows them: the Nubian king catches them. To save herself from this marriage Aspicia jumps into the Nile. The Nile is a river, but in the visions the Nile becomes a living thing, the master of the underwater kingdom who brings Aspicia back to the bank of the river safe and sound. She runs to the palace of her father – and just in time – Taor was caught and was waiting for the execution. But Aspicia tells the Pharoah about her adventures and he finally agrees for the marriage of Aspicia and Taor. Happiness seems to be near… But the visions suddenly stop and Lord Wilson finds himself in the pyramid where he simply dreamt away.



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